"Alone, the Surrealist wanders in the streets without destination but with a pre-determind alertness for the unexpected detail that will release a marvellous and irrestible reality just below the banal surface of ordinary experience." - Peter Galassi "Surrealism's great gift to sensibility was to make melancholy cheerful." - Susan Sontag *** A few recent surreal-realist Kodachromes from a… Continue reading 008

005: May day

Flickr | Instagram S T E R E O | Pelham st., LDN Pelham street is quite close to where I work (South Kensington) and so after pub on Friday, I took a walk to Sloan square and  shot a few frames. Having quite liked the "Post no bills" sign in New York, I was… Continue reading 005: May day

004: Retro Futurism

Flickr | Instagram This week brought about a curious lens that I've been searching for the best part of a year. The (1956) Leitz Summaron 2.8cm f5.6 screw mount lens - a tiny lens (150g) with a demonstably large character. A recent remake of this classic in M-mount can be bought brand new at an… Continue reading 004: Retro Futurism