Research Stuff

In addition to badly photoshop nicely-fonted words onto plain backgrounds and taking pictures using increasingly expensive lenses, I also do research on foams at Imperial College London. As a result, I write things (almost blog like). Here are some of these ‘things’ for your enjoyment:

A Short (but pun-y) Introduction to Foams series

  1. So it begins: A Rigorous Definition of Foams?
  2. Take 2: A Bubble New World 
  3. A thing I nicked.. a visual introduction to Voronoi diagrams
  4. Who burst your bubble?
  5. Simba (a guide to bubbles in microgravity) 
  6. The mechanical biology (part I of membrane physics)
  7. The differential geometric biology (part II of membrane physics)
  8. How (not) to detect fake whiskey with bubbles

(Heavily mathematical stuff not for general consumption)

Some notes I made on research papers: These will evolve in time to include much more details than their original paper with current research. [Severe typo warning!]

  1. Generalised lubrication theory (generally based on Oron, Davis and Bankoff 1997 without considerations of the moving contact line)

3 thoughts on “Research Stuff

  1. Hello li.

    I recently lost my copies of your old cambridge maths lecture notes that you used to have on your homepage. Any chance of reuploading?

    All the best


    1. Hi Michael,

      I’m not too sure when I’ll put them up again, it was there mainly for my friends missing the odd lecture due to one vodkas too many. Also, the current lecturers don’t seem overly keen on up-to-date notes being available online. So it was really a one time thing I’m afraid, sorry!


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