Pictures from Pride London 2017

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming of abstract architecture to bring you something colourful from this year's Pride event in London. (N.B. Today was so much fun! The original plan was to photograph architecture near Vauxhall, but we were dragged into so many things to see on our way through central London that we stayed … Continue reading Pictures from Pride London 2017


From Zeb to Ra: the unprivileged gaze

Instagram | Flickr  I saw some photographs the other day in a gallery being described, amongst other things, as "... a representation of an unprivileged gaze or view... I (the photographer) like to assume exactly the position that everybody can take...". That's a rather good attitude to have I think and one which is starting to dawn on … Continue reading From Zeb to Ra: the unprivileged gaze


Neutral sounds like an easier way to process photographs, afterall, the goal is to look like reality as close as possible, how hard can that be? But as you know, being subtle is sometimes even more difficult than being overt, and so one certainly needs to carefully take away elements "added on" by the camera/lens … Continue reading Neutrality

London Abstracts

In recent years, however reluctantly, London is slowly complementing its venerable collection of Wren-era skyline with the addition of more and more examples of modern architecture; like a refined competition of the utmost impractical wtf-ery, the oft-hated "Walkie-Talkie" building was once described by the Guardian as a "thuggish comedy villain of a building, which has melted cars and … Continue reading London Abstracts