On pre post-(erous)-modern isms

Flickr | 500px In happy recognition of 1000+ followers, let there be some words :) I like clichés as much as the next guy. In fact, I'm attracted to them like a moth to a Death Star, err I mean flame, or fire, or indeed that nicely rotund Pokémon that sleeps a lot ... Evidently, typing permanently non-evolving words onto a static white … Continue reading On pre post-(erous)-modern isms

A Flickr of hope?

Here lies my newly revived Flickr account, a laughably shabby amalgamation of pixels with flashes of inspiration whenever I have access to my relatively more expensive lenses. Nonetheless, behind this almost uncouth bout of twitter-esque self-promotion is a constant stream of me being a reluctant tourist in the city I've lived half of my life in, and of course, my eclectic … Continue reading A Flickr of hope?

Minimalist Doctor Who Poster: Dark Water & Death in Heaven

UPDATE 23/12/14: New versions with added quotes here What a ride of a two-parter! Absolutely loved it! It's almost difficult to choose one thing to put into a poster but I hope you all like the final result (subject to minor evolutions of course). Dark water: Death in Heaven:  These work better together! Incidentally, this almost concludes my 2014 new … Continue reading Minimalist Doctor Who Poster: Dark Water & Death in Heaven