Bull, hof, Wharf, Rock

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Instagram | Flickr  As the title suggests, this post is all about this week's photographic adventures, one could almost say "obvs" in the most obscure way possible.. This week should've been the busiest week bubble-wise, leaving little time for photos. But, as per usual, creativity often works better in confined spaces or when you're straight-jacketed (similar to … Continue reading Waiting for CONVERGED_FNORM_ABS

From Zeb to Ra: the unprivileged gaze

Instagram | Flickr  I saw some photographs the other day in a gallery being described, amongst other things, as "... a representation of an unprivileged gaze or view... I (the photographer) like to assume exactly the position that everybody can take...". That's a rather good attitude to have I think and one which is starting to dawn on … Continue reading From Zeb to Ra: the unprivileged gaze