007: Pride London 2018


One more year one more Pride. This year’s took place in an uncharacteristically hot July in the backdrop of the football “coming home”, or so I gather from my friends…


T H R E E . L I O N S ?

There is a joke about a pride of lions somewhere… 

Photographyically speaking, it was an event of the colours that assault the senses (and lenses); taste the rainbow they say, which in my case must’ve been the moment when a bubble literally popped in my face.. A spectacular metaphor for a subject which I’m uniquely overqualified for. (More on that in my upcoming PhD thesis on bubbles which I’m in the finishing stages of writing.)


À . C I R C U S


W H A T . F O O T B A L L ?

The clash with the world cup this year was an interesting one. You’d think pride and football aren’t natural venn diagram intersections, but I’m pleasantly surprised at the positive feverish. Quite refreshing.



This year I took only a 50mm prime with me and nothing else. A continuation of my 50mm adventures documented on my Flickr under #TheGreat50mmProject. This was interesting to say the least.. I mean, you try manually focus a drag queen mid-spin to Lady Gaga – I almost feel like I’m dancing by proxy.. But, despite my masochistically photographic ways, I had more fun than I expected in framing the shots with more care than last year’s “auto-shoot-it-all-mode”. The end result was that I had a dozen of keepers with a total of about 150 shots. (As a reference, my friend who was shooting film shot 7 rolls.) Not too bad for a days work.

Until next time…

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Some out-takes: 




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