005: May day

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S T E R E O | Pelham st., LDN

Pelham street is quite close to where I work (South Kensington) and so after pub on Friday, I took a walk to Sloan square and  shot a few frames. Having quite liked the “Post no bills” sign in New York, I was drawn to this one. A few of the other shots from this sign with a single person looked a bit lonely even though the minimalist in me was quite content, so I ended up merging 2 consecutive frames in this version 2. Interesting how the interpretation now changes in my head, whereas a solitary figure is certainly more abstract, version 2 is trying to visualise a post-pint double vision in a dystopian world of plan B’s… (or not :)


D A Y . I N . T H E . L I F E #13916| China town, San Francisco

Interestingly, this bright and neutral Californian colour scheme does not translate well to gritty London.. at all. It seems that grittiness does not like to be poked with overtly colourful cheer, similar to real life I suppose.


P I N O C C H I O | Charing X, LDN



bonus snaps


5 thoughts on “005: May day”

    1. Yes I think I agree, some worked better as bonus snaps rather than the main post. I’m feeling a bit uninspired recently, maybe it’s the unexpected sunshine throwing me off :)

      1. Haha, yes that ray of sun from out the gloom can jar the senses after months of milky skies & drizzle. As i said not meant to be a criticism, but maybe that i noticed it may jolt you, i dunno. i always see you as one of those symmetrical photographers, all lineaments & balance. A compliment. Your photos have a finished quality i admire.

      2. Don’t worry, the jolt certainly helps! :)
        I really miss my jacket when it’s sunny here (because then i can put my camera in my pocket when walking, now i have to hold on to it constantly, which annoys me..). yeah, i’m trying to branch out a bit from the symmetry shots, so maybe i should put up 2 sections to posts from now on, main and snaps. otherwise it’s a bit jumbled up atm.

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