004: Retro Futurism

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This week brought about a curious lens that I’ve been searching for the best part of a year. The (1956) Leitz Summaron 2.8cm f5.6 screw mount lens – a tiny lens (150g) with a demonstably large character. A recent remake of this classic in M-mount can be bought brand new at an eye-watering price and so it was a moment of pure joy when I happen to stumble upon the original version this week, second hand and in pristine condition.

What a lens! 


T H E . O R I G I N A L . S U M M A R O N


L I F E ‘ S . A . B L I Z Z A R D | One New Change, London



B I O S P H E R E | One New Change, London



S T O R Y . S O . F A R | Tate Modern, London


D A Y . I N . T H E . L I F E  #181 | Barbican, London

To be continued…


2 thoughts on “004: Retro Futurism”

  1. Amazing how your new lens took a photo of itself looking all laid back n’ sexy, haha.

    The first pic of the coin-laundry is lovely. Oddly aesthetic aren’t they launderettes.

    1. Haha, yes it cooks bacon as well as look pretty on its own :)

      That laundrette is my go to “retro” test spot in London, always seem to loop back there for some reason.

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