001: M-ine


Influenced by the style of graphic minimalism, this image portrays the abstract path of light on a ceiling in a modernist building in Hong Kong. Subtly embedded in plain sight is a stark reminder to think outside the frame even when heavily constrained and boxed in.  – LS


This illustrates the tale of the canaries in a coal mine. Sensing darkness as opposed to carbon monoxide, they remain isolated within the dystopian backdrop of London office blocks. Slowly lowered into the abyss by the converging rotating columns, they are being silently observed by the rectangular viewfinders. –LS



Note. I have hit a reset button on this blog to regularise the randomness of the content. In the future, there will be 2-5 curated images per (numbered) post with occasional text explaining my thoughts behind them. The plan currently is to update more frequently (weekly or fortnightly) depending on my schedule. However, if you want to see images more immediately, I encourage you to follow my Flickr or Instagram page both with the handle @thedroidlife.


3 thoughts on “001: M-ine”

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