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As the title suggests, this post is all about this week’s photographic adventures, one could almost say “obvs” in the most obscure way possible..

This week should’ve been the busiest week bubble-wise, leaving little time for photos. But, as per usual, creativity often works better in confined spaces or when you’re straight-jacketed (similar to Fugues, but I digress). Hence, one of the reasons people shoot film is this jolt of creativity encouraged by the restriction of only 36 shots per roll. Digital of course suffer no such restrictions so I had to make do with having no time to do photos instead!

Consequently, I got quite a lot of work done this week, along with an incredible amount of simulated Marangoni flows on bubbles completed. This leads us to the topic of today’s post, finding one’s unique visual signature by the way of least resistance, a sort of act of 省力 (Shěng Lì, the principle of conservation or saving of energy, and literally the homophone and the concept I was named after).

Despite consciously having no style at all, I’ve unconsciously walked into one almost against my wishes over the years. I noticed this the other day when I was particularly happy with a picture, only to find out it followed a trend of what I think is a particularly “good picture”. Below are some recent shots:

Exhibit A: The Man with the Face wall – also affectionately known as 9134 (I find captioning a photo by their shutter number to be a nicer approach than words, but then I am partial to numbers :)


Exhibit B: The Girl with the Halogenic lights (sooc)


Exhibit C: T3 Roadcrossing (sooc)


Exhibit D: A tale of two cities


Now if you remember from previous posts two of my favourite pictures “Surface tension” and the “3-vodka Problem”

Surface tension
The 3-vodka problem

Spot the non-difference?!

Looking up at my other screen, my simulation has now finished its convergence, or rather, Process 0: PETSc SNES solver converged in 3 iterations with convergence reason CONVERGED_FNORM_ABS and so I must now increase the Fairy liquid concentration for the next round.. Till next time folks and have a nice Thursday.




2 thoughts on “Waiting for CONVERGED_FNORM_ABS

  1. Certainly I see the theme in your images, and it is a powerful one. It works every time to draw in the viewer and to tell a story. Every image is wonderful. I can’t pick a favourite.

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