A monochromatic study in urban geometry with select silhouettes.

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6 thoughts on “BW VII

  1. Classic Li.
    My latest 3 batch of Busan photos are heavily indebted to you, i tried out some compositional techniques i learned from looking at your photos, i don’t know if that is just tantamount to copyright infringement, but i assure you it was all out of respect. So thank you.

    1. Cheers Daniel, too kind.

      I miss the chaotic nature of the streets in east asia countries (in your Busan sets, putting up barrier and the ones in gamcheon st. stood out for me) – so definitely am looking forward to my upcoming trip to Shanghai in the autumn for some messier street photos (also on my list is parts of Hong Kong and Shibuya in Tokyo, I find most of Europe and the US a bit “too clean” if that makes any sense).

      1. Cheers Li. Glad something stood out. My only means to learn is doing photography & speaking to photographers like yourself, so your encouragement is appreciated.
        i know what you mean about Europe. It took me a while to appreciate the aesthetic of Korea, it is messy, chaotic, but i’ve come to love something about it. Have photographed Korea? You should come to Jeju some time, Seoul has all the chaos you need & it is sprawling.

      2. I’ve not been to Korea before so that’s definitely a good idea! oo, it’s tempting to swing by Jeju island as well – I hear it’s quite popular with Chinese tourists ;)

      3. It was, the Chinese are boycotting Jeju & Korea due to THAAD. But please, don’t let that put you off, come visit me in Jeju, i’ll put you up in my house. If you are serious about it ever, email me & we can talk, seriously.

      4. Oh yearh, I heard about that kneejerk boycott-of-the-month thing, politics and nationalism are quite annoying.
        Awesome, if I do decide to come to Korea I just may take you up on that! :)

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