Waves on a Bubble

I’ve been working on the dynamics of surface capillary waves in viscous fluids for the better part of two years now and perhaps now is a good time to step back for a second and see the small picture, afterall, most of my experimental work takes place at the nanoscale in my kitchen…

Being somewhat of a visual person, I made some GIFs to imagine what an artist’s impression of two capillary waves on a bubble would look like, it’s quite addictive!

I – pulsatus
II – LSD’d
III – moonwalk

Made with Adobe After Effect with help from the capillary wave equation.


3 thoughts on “Waves on a Bubble

  1. To bring in what your professor said, would you say that these images do justice to a lesser or greater degree than the actual direct experiment you did, as much as say language does at explaining an equation or experiment?

    1. I think definitely lesser, the equations are absolute so any attempt to explain it results in a loss in information. But you may end up transmitting to a larger audience by “watering down” so it works out.

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