Neutral sounds like an easier way to process photographs, afterall, the goal is to look like reality as close as possible, how hard can that be? But as you know, being subtle is sometimes even more difficult than being overt, and so one certainly needs to carefully take away elements “added on” by the camera/lens or by post processing techniques. The trick is then to inject traces of your own personality or style without being obtrusive of reality, and how to do that, is the million pound question I think!

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Spirit in the Sky


@Tate Modern, LDN


Underpass Wonderpass

Coffee tone

Metal twisty

The morning people

Dome afar

0 0 0 1 0



2 thoughts on “Neutrality

  1. Sterling work as usual Li. The launderette reminds me of when i was young. i think they were 50p then & i’d sit with my nan & eat boiled sweets & read the Beano. The second photo is off the scale. What is it?

    1. The second one is the side facade of a new hotel(?) near St. James’s London, after upping some shadows of course :) Yes there’s definitely something quite nostalgic about the launderettes, I really hope they don’t disappear soon!

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