Take five..

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Godwin's box
Godwin’s box
Inner piece
Inner piece
Man v. Puddles
Man vs. Puddles
A piece of my mind
The commuting diagram
Schrödinger’s cake-eating echochamber
Little people
Tiny people II
A view from the bridge
Blank space
I got nothing…

12 thoughts on “BW V

      1. I discovered an in between by using the neutral setting on my Canon yhen in editing bringing out the colours a little more so you have a dim & colourful texture. It feels earthy. I did some playing with monochrome & it is very attractive for so much but i found it didn’t say enough for a landscape or natural objects which i am surrounded by.

      2. Yes, I imagine a monochrome sunset landscape wouldn’t be much fun…
        I live in London where it’s all grey most of the time so I’m already half way there.

        Interesting you mention the neutral setting, I’ve always found my Nikons to have very un-neutral colours. So if I convert them to BW they tend to be “in-your-face” contrast-y, whereas the Q does it very subtly coupled with supreme sharpness so the end result is this complete spectrum of shades of grey texture which I like very much.

      3. The Canon EOS has this neutral setting & i am finding it really very expressive & good for editing.
        i think monochrome maybe ideal for any city, when i get an opportunity to use my camera in Seoul, i will probably swutch to monochrome. i am very new to photography, maybe six months, so i am going through the motion of toying with settings & hoping to come out the end with some style that fits the purpose of giving weather, environment etc.
        my wife tells me Nikon is quite different to Canon, so i am curious to have a test run with one at some point.

  1. I’m awestruck by the compositions . For once the photographs make me scroll slowly, savouring every frame for a moment longer, the accompanying captions adding to the zing …so beautiful !

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