Gripping monochromes

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Being blessed with two left hands, I’ve always found it hard to draw (I suppose that matches up nicely with my two extremely left feet…). But nonetheless, I remain fascinated in how drawing works.

Ordinarily, it’s not quite the landscapes or the portraits that grabs me, although I do like my van Gogh and the occasional face that hangs in the National portrait gallery (I can usually take about 17 minutes of that particular gallery before boredom inevitably sets in and I need a break from taking pictures of people looking at things whilst looking either incredibly ponderous or indifferently agast..). No, I tend to gravitate towards the more abstract or the monochrome.

Therefore it is fitting that from my photo adventures so far, the black and white genre has been the single most difficult and in turn the most rewarding experience. Certainly gone are the colours you can hide behind to tell your split-second story, but what you get instead is a renewed sense of contrast and the isolated emphasis on the interactions between light and shadows.

It is gripping…

Pepsi grip

This reminds me, amongst other things, of my form tutor from secondary school. He, being a fun and inspiring artist, used to hang these pictures of a hand which morphs into different things in his room. One in particular I remember being a hand-wolf. And such is the way that the shadows were drawn, you cannot help but be in awe at the result.

The Biro-crested Grebe

(The Great-chested grebes are one of my favourite grebes, they have, by far the most interesting/amusing courtship displays – apart from awkward humans with two left hands and feet that is… :)

The Eye
Help! You’re my only hope…




2 thoughts on “Gripping monochromes

  1. Hey, I am always left amazed and inspired when I look at your blog! I love taking pictures in black and white because you are forced to focus on the story with no distractions. I have found that playing with the light and shadows helps to create the most interesting pictures.

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