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London looks fairly apocalyptic after the rain, and I suppose these are as #nofilter as I’m going to get..

Stop motion
Boiling point
Boiling point
Man of chocolate
Dark tower
Dark tower




14 thoughts on “BW IV

  1. A wonderful set of photographs (except the dark tower and maybe that’s because I can’t view it on a laptop). Each one draws me in and has me looking a while to make sure I get it all. The first three are particularly striking.

    1. Thanks! The first one is my favourite of the set, it almost screams to be printed large to appreciate the textured details.
      And yes, this WordPress theme doesn’t seem to like pictures in portrait orientation, so “Dark tower” doesn’t display as well. Li

  2. Cartoons teach us a lot ( but here I would like to quote an episode (Cold Duck) from my favourite Cartoon Duck Tales. There was a line in the episode. “Imagine life without color, where there is all black & white”, that cartoon is right 99/100 times but that one time monochrome/black & white says more than the color.

    Great eye of yours and great capture, and just one request to you, never stop what you do come what may…

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