Even though it pains me physically to use the dreaded “#” (of which I’ve successfully avoided for over a decade), I now gram insta-ly on a quasi-weekly basis under the handel @thedroidlife about Star Wars droids made by yours truly. And contrary to the naively hipster-y vegan idea of #nofilters, it’ll embrace filters with an overzealous zeal like a turkey leg wrapped in bacon in a bed of pork chops on a plate of Fårikål-ic Skerpikjøt..

Henceforth, with a fair bit of ado, I’ll periodically interrupt your normal diet of architectural, street and wildlife pictures on this blog with the occasional Star Wars geekery, shot on massively overkill lenses (mostly on the Zeiss Distagon 28mm f/2 and Micro-Nikkor 105mm VR with the Df).

Below are some inaugural examples:

[N.B. I have to say, the cliché hipster filter ab/use is quite addictive, it may even replace Oreos for me…]

But in the mean time, pls take a look @thedroidlife, it’s sort of between walking barefoot on the grass and watching hamsters chilling on a turntable…

Next time on 1+1=2? 

I’ve now been to Aldwych, the incredibly awesome ghost tube station of London that isn’t on your tube maps! If you’re not a Londoner, this is where they filmed the train scene from V for Vendetta and Sherlock (and yes, I’ve been on that exact train!).

Flickr | 500px | Instagram 


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