Research “Art”

Nope, I don’t like it at all, this whole concept of creating art from science.  But, that doesn’t stop me from being happy at seeing my name in an exhibition. Nope, not at all :)

From the “Art of Research” exhibition @ Imperial College London

It’ll be there polluting my eyes for 2 more days.. but here are the original version: the-eye-thing and the-heart-thing.


If the description is too small, here is what it says:

The man with the bubble face is a brutalistic suppression of any potential avant-garde tendencies of the soul through the medium of fluid dynamics. His Mona Lisa-like facial expressions are a social commentary on the repressive nature that is the research grant system and the displeasure that science can be at all artistic. The usage of Fairy liquid is not accidental, for the artist couldn’t be arsed to buy a cheaper detergent, signifying the inertia that is often neglected on the left side of the Navier-Stokes equation.


Again, if the description is too small to read (sorry, shot on an iPhone)

Heartbeat: This was an experiment to study the level of cliche-ness it takes for art competitions to accept a random image. By exploiting the heart-shape, we are mocking the art-form itself and creating a new dimension of self-mockery. By appealing to the brain, we aim to induce a logical feeling of aesthetics which not only transcends but also complements the emotional.



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