Bubbles go abstract

Museum/gallery is definitely one of my things (a Li-object if you will :), I love going to them but not necessary for looking at the things being exhibited. For instance, near the top of my bucket list of pictures-to-do is going to the Louvre (I’ve been outside but not yet inside) and look at the people looking at Mona Lisa. Now, whilst the painting itself is lovely, the composition of the mass of people, many of whom probably with no interest in art but have heard of the painting congregated in a small space with a Hajj-like devotion is so much more interesting to me…

So cut to yesterday when I was handling Persil dishwashing liquid for an elaborate practical thought-experiment (fyi, not nearly as good as Fairy liquid, drastically less interesting bubbles); I took a picture of something that reminded me of an actual art thing I saw and liked at the Tate Modern gallery, which is a lot weird.

Here is the offending art thing:

Spatial Concept 'Waiting' 1960 Lucio Fontana 1899-1968 www.tate.org.uk/art/work/T00694
Spatial Concept ‘Waiting’ 1960 Lucio Fontana 1899-1968 Purchased 1964 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/T00694

obligatory arty description (from the website)

In the instances where Fontana slashed an unpainted canvas, as in the present work, there is a particular affinity between the rawness of the surface and the primordial character of the gesture itself. Destruction and creation were bound together in these works.


Here is my take

“Real men use Fairy”

corresponding waffle:

In this instance where the intersection of a triple bubble is captured in an uninterrupted mute space, there is a particular affinity between the fluid nature of the Plateau border and the rainbow-esque refractive character of the triple-intersection. Light and dark entwines the entire tableau, amplifying a brief moment of utter unadulterated triumph.

Back to more traditional mediums:


[Wiggly, Florin court – Barbican, London – Explored on Flickr today (14/10)]


[Money-go-round, HM Treasury during London Open House 2015]


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