Open House London 2015: City Hall

Back from all of my recent trips and events now, having shot about 40GB of pictures and walking the equivalent of 3 marathons across two countries in the space of 4 days is a bit tiring but the pictures are so worth the pain..

Onto the first event: London Open House 2015. This is an event in which the public is invited into buildings around London for free. Since this is the first year I’m doing it, the first building I went to was the iconic London City Hall on the south bank of the Thames near Tower bridge. Below the walkway is where the Mayor of London and the London Assembly go about their daily business. The building was designed of course, by the famous architect Lord Norman Foster and constructed to the tune of £43 million.

The centre piece of the building is a helical staircase very much like Foster’s design for the rebuilt Reichstag in Berlin and so naturally, I took a picture :)

Subwave Transmission

[Subwave transmission, f/2.8 1/125s @ 14mm, ISO 100 – Explored on Flickr 22/9/15]

Equipment: Nikon Df + 14-24mm f/2.8

Here are some more:




Notes on processing: This set of 3 was processed in the style of the Fuji Velvia preset, giving it an oversaturated film quality. 


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