Pembroke College Cambridge

Impressions of a Zeiss Distagon: Pembroke College Cambridge

So I had an excuse to visit Cambridge and my old college today and what better place to test out the shiny Zeiss 28mm f2 “Hollywood” Distagon! I found that although I’m getting the shots much slower using the manual focus, I enjoyed the whole experience much more than the point and click of the autofocus lenses I had (even if I missed focus on a few, the Zeiss still rendered them nicely, the same couldn’t be said of my Nikkors).

First impression of the Zeiss: Just wow!

This is the famous ‘pop’ quality of the Zeiss. The colour from this lens simply trumps all previous lenses I own and they are beautifully cinematic straight out of the camera – I compared the macro shots with my Nikkor 105mm f2.8 VR and there is no contest, the Nikkor with its impressive 1:1 reproduction ratio seems flat out of the camera and usually requires substantial post-production. The Bokeh on the Zeiss is also in a class of its own..

Anyway, I shall let you judge for yourself (these are all straight out of the camera!!)













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