Bullet Point

… Or alternatively, “The Gherkin” if you prefer a food-based nickname for the above (and below). This was taken from the not-universally-adored Sky Garden on top of the ‘Walkie-Talkie’ building in London, which some labelled a “death-ray-wielding liability“.. Apart from having to book (free) tickets to go up and the potential need to invent a phantom child (the system doesn’t recognise the number 0) it’s not entirely bad, even if it looks nothing like its computer renderings.

Bullet Point

[Bullet Point, The Gherkin building, 16/3/15]

For a reminder of what a walkie-talkie doesn’t look like, here’s a dramatic reconstruction from a strange angle:


[Abstract me not, The Walkie-Talkie, 16/3/15]

Onto the final point of this 3-picture post, here is a Chamber of Secrets look-a-like (you need to imagine hard and squint your eyes almost shut, then walk around blind-folded 3 times clockwise whilst reciting the sentence ‘Ukippers have no branes’ exactly 4 times to see this).

Chamber of Secrets

[Chamber of Secrets, London Bridge tube station, 11/3/15]

That’s all the excitement for now!

P.S. Solar eclipse tomorrow, so, expect an exceedingly extraordinary-challenged electronic engraving of an eccentric but eponymous evidence of an ephemerally Euclidean-ish equilibrium with an exceptionally extruded everyday essence of earnestness that easily encompasses everything else epic that is earthbound and effectively episodic. An eclipse, which expedites elaborate expectations, shall elapse here in Edmonton Green with the elated eloquence of an effective emancipation evaluated over the euphoric e-dwellers. The emblematic embellishments will be exhibited like the empiric exercises that it in-evitably establishes, whilst the edges endanger the explicit ends of our eyes. Expunging all extrinsic effects will this be an entertaining enterprise, but I’ll un-equivocally be eye-witnessing this eternally enthralling extravaganza through the entropic enumerations of the exacting essay that is Ezekiel 25:17.



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