New year, new resolution, new blog

Twenty fifteen, 24 mega-pixels and still as sceptical of 1+1 as ever, I’m making a few household changes towards the purpose of this slightly random blog.

Firstly, now that my picture taking is becoming more serious than I’ve anticipated, posts will be dedicated to some of the better pictures I took, of course sometimes with small and vaguely poetic preludes. These pictures will (usually) be linked to my Flickr account so you can always see more by clicking into those pictures.

Secondly, I sometimes create poster art (minimalist or otherwise) of sci-fi shows that I watch, esp. Doctor Who. Those will be dotted around the place. A summary page including all poster arts is located at “Posters & Stuff” if you click the top right button.

Thirdly, to complement my increasingly serious foam research for my PhD, more technical stuff will gradually slip into articles about bubbles e.g. less “hipster cereal killer bar” and more “Newton-Raphson shoots rainbows usually but doesn’t work due to *insert nastiness*” so feel free to look away during those bouts of technicality. I hope to make available LaTeX-ed versions of concise handouts explaining and deriving various phenomenons, e.g. van der Waals interaction, such that a graduate fluid dynamicist with no specialist foam knowledge can follow.

Fourthly, there will be quasi-randomness!

That’s all folks! Welcome to 2015.

Beach scene

[Broadstairs beach, Kent]


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