A Flickr of hope?

Here lies my newly revived Flickr account, a laughably shabby amalgamation of pixels with flashes of inspiration whenever I have access to my relatively more expensive lenses. Nonetheless, behind this almost uncouth bout of twitter-esque self-promotion is a constant stream of me being a reluctant tourist in the city I’ve lived half of my life in, and of course, my eclectic (or at least soon-to-be eclectic) collection of bubbles and foams which should at least amuse for more than an Ångström of time in an universe not dissimilar to the strange tesseract entity in Interstellar, of which a funnier comedy cannot be found in finite time whilst surfing on the geodesics of a neutron star with a plot-hole the exact size of Belgium..

Monument tube station

[Monument tube station, London]


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