012: AI and I

Somewhat recovered from the sudden onset of Doctorhood at the end of last year and the associated rush of productivity (photographically speaking) that comes with intense procrastination, I'm taking a brief moment to pause and think about my upcoming adventures in bubble and photo, both will involve a smattering of artificial intelligence. Machine learning has… Continue reading 012: AI and I


Piccadilly circus. 3.12.18 I've always liked that sign.  Being a creature of habit and subtly attracted to shiny things, it shouldn't be too surprising that I usually elect to take the (same) scenic route home on the rare days I'm in the office. Indeed, "昙花一现" or the "sudden onset of the cereus (a genus of… Continue reading 011: MID-TELEPORT

010: Bubble Trouble

4 years ago, I started my PhD work on bubbles. 3 papers, 1  video and hundreds of hours of experimenting in the kitchen later, I have decided to put together a photobook of 25 awesome bubble images from my project. Befitting a labour of love, "Bubble Trouble" is printed in a hardback format with shiny… Continue reading 010: Bubble Trouble

009: Notting Hill Carnival (2018)

After the Pride parade a couple of weeks ago, the Notting Hill carnival is another colourful march to happen in London. Looking for compositions in the massive crowd isn't always easy and you'd end up with some tourist shots, but I did enjoy the process of making the shots manually, however tricky it was for… Continue reading 009: Notting Hill Carnival (2018)


"Alone, the Surrealist wanders in the streets without destination but with a pre-determind alertness for the unexpected detail that will release a marvellous and irrestible reality just below the banal surface of ordinary experience." - Peter Galassi "Surrealism's great gift to sensibility was to make melancholy cheerful." - Susan Sontag *** A few recent surreal-realist Kodachromes from a… Continue reading 008

007: Pride London 2018

  One more year one more Pride. This year's took place in an uncharacteristically hot July in the backdrop of the football "coming home", or so I gather from my friends... T H R E E . L I O N S ? There is a joke about a pride of lions somewhere...  Photographyically speaking,… Continue reading 007: Pride London 2018

004: Retro Futurism

Flickr | Instagram This week brought about a curious lens that I've been searching for the best part of a year. The (1956) Leitz Summaron 2.8cm f5.6 screw mount lens - a tiny lens (150g) with a demonstably large character. A recent remake of this classic in M-mount can be bought brand new at an… Continue reading 004: Retro Futurism