the ray catcher

"These are dark times, there is no denying." Of course I'm not actually under invasion by a magical dark lord with no discernable nose to speak of, but January London does seem to embrace all things dark with gust(o). For, in a rebellious act so momentous, my bin succumbed briefly last Thursday to said gust … Continue reading the ray catcher


Vintage LDN

"Some are born vintage, some achieve vintageness, and some have vintageness thrust upon them. " This is definitely the latter. So, I've looked through the archive last week and found the following shall we say "pedestrian" photos; not least because they were taken as a pedestrian but also somehow very normal and lacking in "oomph". … Continue reading Vintage LDN


Instagram | Flickr  As the title suggests, this post is all about this week's photographic adventures, one could almost say "obvs" in the most obscure way possible.. This week should've been the busiest week bubble-wise, leaving little time for photos. But, as per usual, creativity often works better in confined spaces or when you're straight-jacketed (similar to … Continue reading Waiting for CONVERGED_FNORM_ABS